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Okay. You've just spent days browsing through the online manuals of HTML tags and now that nerve over your left eye is twitching uncontrollably. You've rummaged through the local computer bookstore and bought two or three 400-page manuals at $40 apiece with interactive CD-ROMs included that all exclaim over how wonderful the Web is and what a boon it is to all humanity. One book can no longer be returned because of the coffee stains on it and the other book has drool marks on page 216 from that time you fell asleep at the keyboard. You've tried all the interactive forms out on the Net that tell you how easy it is to create your own homepage after filling in a few blanks and pushing a button. You've downloaded all the free software on Stroud's List only to discover that, while it's easy to make a page that says "Hello world!", all the Netscape bells and whistles are still "non-standard" and therefore unattainable.

Now you are ready for Infobahn.

Learn through E-Mail!!

Our online Web authoring courses bring you what is essential in the information found in those expensive manuals, but at half the price per course. Our courses bring you all the information found in those convoluted online technical reference sites, but we feed it to you in digestible doses and in a logical and orderly sequence, for better absorption. We will not channel your creativity into set formulas, because we know you can learn HTML, if you put your mind to it, and because we know you do not want to shell out $$$ to a consultant to do what you know you can do for yourself. Perhaps you will learn enough to become a consultant yourself... We will show you how to do what the shareware editors cannot do. And we will be here all along the way to answer your questions and to hold your hand if necessary.

Yes, that's right: We strive to answer all your questions about HTML and Webpage design. We have paid staff here in place to collect your questions through e-mail and to answer them.

And when was the last time you felt brave enough to ask a silly Newbie question on the Internet and got a reasonably civil and helpful reply?

Lessons are sent out at three per week for four weeks in the Apprenticeship course and two per week for six weeks in both the Journeymen course and the Masters course, together with project and assignment ideas for you to try out. Then, on the weekend, you will receive another posting listing all the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Rare or unusual questions will be answered through private e-mail. If you choose to complete the projects and to mail them in, these pages will be uploaded to our Website. There you will be able to see not only your own work, but also that of your classmates and to compare your productions with those of other people working at the same level of complexity. These are full correspondence courses with many value-added features.

The Course Calendar

Duration: twelve lessons in four weeks.
Departures: 20 Jan, 3 Feb, 17 Feb
Topics: essential rules and conventions of HTML, rudimentary UNIX and preparing your account for pages, the skeleton Webpage, paragraphing tags, aesthetic tags, logical tags, headings, horizontal rules and centring, item lists and definition lists, blockquotes and character entities
Cost: $24 Cdn (~$18 US)

Duration: twelve lessons in six weeks.
Departures: 27 Jan, 10 Feb, 24 Feb
Topics: Netscape extensions, hypertext and other URLs, fragments and anchors, tables, image tags and essential secrets about working with images on the Web, hexadecimal notation, image backgrounds and how to structure Websites efficiently
Cost: $32 Cdn (~$24 US)

Duration: twelve lessons in six weeks.
Departures: 20 Jan, 17 Feb, 17 Mar
Topics: columns, frames, image maps, interactive forms, animation, image tools for gifs and jpgs and essential CGI scripting
Cost: $36 Cdn (~$27 US)

Corporate & Group Enrolments:
Special rates are available for groups of 10 or more. This can be either a group of students or a group of employees. Please write to us with your requirements and we will strive to accommodate your needs.

The HTML Writer's Guild: This is the name of the evolving informal professional association for Webpage authors on the Internet. While our online courses are by no means a prerequisite of Guild membership, completion of all three levels of study will leave our students more than qualified to sit among the Masters of the Guild. We strongly believe in the promotion of standards of quality in Webpage design, standard fees for services rendered and ethical standards among Internet professionals everywhere. We encourage all our graduates to join this worthwhile organisation.

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